Can you identify a tree by the shape of its leaves?  By its wood grain?  How about by its bark?

I took the kids for a walk to see if we could find any exciting signs of life, now that the sun is following a more favorable angle.  We also took some pictures of “bark fingerprints” from trees within a few blocks of the house.  How many can you identify?! Give it a try in the comments section below.  Bragging rights to the commenter who gets the highest number correct:










Clue to #2:










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8 Responses to Bark Fingerprints

  1. I used to be pretty good at this kind of stuff but have been so out of practice for years.
    Without googling anything:

    #1 Ash?
    #2 maple something?
    #3 is some kind of fruit tree. cherry or apple, I’ll guess a crab apple.
    #4 could pass for Japanese Maple (I wish I could see the leaves for a better identification)
    #5 (number 1,2,and 5 look similar) I’m guessing box elder on this one.
    #6 beech? I have no idea.
    #7 looks like a water birch
    #8 could be a quaking aspen
    #9 I’m guessing sycamore

    • Clay says:

      3 out of 9 is honestly better than average! I think most of us treat trees like they are boring scenery. The rest of your responses were either very close or excellent guesses. Thanks for giving it a go!

  2. Chad says:

    Dude I don’t know any of them. They would only be guesses. I’m such a loser.

  3. JC says:

    1) Pine
    2) Linden
    3) Apple
    4) Ash
    5) Maple
    6) Honeylocust
    7) Cherry
    8) Aspen
    9) Sycamore

  4. Clay says:

    Thanks for playing Kevin and JC. Truth be told, without my clue for #2, I would have guessed it was a Maple, there are a few others that look similar…

    Here are the answers:
    1. Ash
    2. Goldenrain (very common street tree in Utah, origin: China)
    3. Flowering Plum
    4. Boxelder Maple
    5. Maple
    6. Locust
    7. Cherry
    8. Aspen
    9. Sycamore

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