The air in Salt lake City tastes like a mix between exhaust and industrial broccoli.  It is unbelievable this year.  And so, instead of coughing and wheezing and feeling sorry for ourselves, we rallied the troops and headed out on a chilly Saturday morning to join 4,000 others for a good old fashioned protest.  The family jumped on trax and walked the rest of the way up the hill. We gathered at the Capitol and cheered for energtic speakers, sang songs and waived banners.  “Clean Air, No Excuses!” we yelled in unison.

We learned a LOT!  There are really good resources all over the internet about what we can do.  One of the obvious answers is drive less, which we are comitted to doing, but we also learned that for economic reasons, the governor doesn’t plan to implement nationwide standards on industry (ie. mines and refineries) until 2020!!!  Lets all put some pressure on him to aim for 2015!  Join the discussion!  If you missed the rally, you can still get your friends and fellow citizens riled up about it via social media.  Or just take to the streets.


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