Ivory Bill believes in giving back. Our furniture is designed to last for generations.  We want to make sure we’re sending it out into a better future.

Here’s to More Family Dinners

We believe in family.  We believe in people coming together.  We believe in belly-warming meals and kind conversation around the dinner table.  There’s a lot of good that can be done in the world by giving back just a little.  Because we’re an American company, we’ve chosen to start first at our own doorstep.  Ivory Bill donates a portion of our proceeds to Feeding America because we hope that our donation will mean that more families can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a full family table.

Giving Back: Ivory Bill Furniture Donates to Feeding America


Here’s To Endless Forests to Explore

When I was a kid I used to spend hours in the forest behind my house.  I would nestle down in the dry leaves on the ground and stare up into the branches overhead, just listening and thinking.  We believe in responsible forestry practices.  American forests are more sustainably managed and regulated with greater conscientiousness.  Millions of acres of exotic hardwoods are poached every year from Brazil, Africa and other countries in a practice that is harmful to the life of our forests, the planet and us!  For this reason Ivory Bill Furniture is made only from American hardwoods and we plant a dozen trees for every one hundred board feet we use.

Giving Back: Ivory Bill Furniture Plants Trees