We’re happy to introduce Christa Pirl, a designer that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.  In this post, Christa reveals one of her super-powers, re-imagining dusty heirlooms and giving them relevance for even the most modern of homes.  Welcome Christa Pirl!

I am so excited by the amazing, hand-crafted woodwork that Clayton creates for Ivory Bill, and so grateful there is a new wave of appreciation for quality furniture and traditional handicraft techniques amongst Gen x and Y.  This recent appreciation convinced me to begin my new venture, Christa Pirl Furniture.


I have always enjoyed helping my interior design clients update heirloom furniture from grandma, or restore a flea market find that has sat in a garage for years eagerly awaiting attention.  I realized, that with greater concern over mass-production and our ‘throw-away’ society, many people longed to reuse antique and vintage furniture, but looking at a dowdy, worn sofa or chair, they just could not envision using the piece in their contemporary homes.


This is where I knew I could help!  I have always had a great love of old furniture forms and their fascinating back stories, but not much love for traditional fabric patterns and textures (i.e. dusty rose velvets or lilac covered chintz).


I believe a bold, contemporary fabric and fresh coat of stain can drastically transform a tired piece of traditional furniture into something highly contemporary and unique; something that can grace even the most clean and contemporary house, adding an unexpected accent.  In addition, today’s near bullet-proof miracle fabrics paired with a sturdy vintage wood frame (it is true, they don’t make them like that anymore, unless it’s from Ivory Bill), these pieces can fit right into a busy family room occupied by toddlers and puppies, and likely survive better than the average piece of furniture built in 2013.





So, I hope my new venture will not only populate many a house with unique chairs, chaises, settees and sofas not found in your local big box furniture store, but will also save many a chair from the landfill at the same time.



Additional information about Christa Pirl Furniture can be found at: www.christapirlfurniture.com, www.christapirl.blogspot.com, and www.facebook.com/ChristaPirlFurniture.


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