The laundry room in our new house was not going to cut it.

We moved into our Maine home planning on doing a little work. Instead of starting with the kitchen which was at the top of our list, it became apparent that we were going to need a bathroom on the main floor before we lost our minds! So, we converted our cramped laundry room into a half-bath/laundry and made it more functional than it had been to begin with!

maine laundry room cabinets remodel

Our solution was to pull out the awkward wall shelves, upgrade to a stackable washer and dryer, design a multi-use cabinet to go next to it and add a pedestal sink and toilet. We also laid down some stone on the floor, which will eventually cover the kitchen floor as well. The cabinet has been working great.  There are doors up above that hide the detergent, towels, etc. In the middle there is a section of solid maple butcher block for folding clothes as they come out of the dryer. And beneath that, we have a space for crates that hold each person’s folded laundry. I was going to build some simple crates, but driving around we found these awesome interlocking apple crates from Liberty Crate Co.

maine laundry room cabinet

Have you got an interesting design dilemma too? Or perhaps you are starting from scratch and you want to do something beautiful. In addition to furniture, I build all types of custom cabinets, kitchens and built-ins. Send me an email for a free estimate. I primarily cover Maine’s mid-coast, but I will consider cabinet work for clients as far away as Boston. Furniture on the other hand, ships anywhere!

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  1. julia says:

    those cabinets are incredible! really unique detail on the cuts that i’ve never seen before. where did you get your pretty knobs from?

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