This post has been too long in the ‘Drafts’ pile!  It has taken me a long time to give my version of the events at this year’s Modern Chair Competition. Whether out of false modesty or as a result of being busy making sawdust, I have put it off.  Long story short, we veni vidi vici’d it!  We took the cake, the whole enchilada, the winning design award. Check out the video at the end of this post! 


Mod-a-go-go really was the perfect space for the event.  Marcus and Eric know how to put on a shindig.  From food to lighting to the right mix of jurors to tracking down sponsors.  There were hundreds of people there and twenty something competitors.  Chad Parkinson‘s shadow is still haunting me, he almost stole the glory.  Luckily he only won second AND third place.  Watch your back Chad…

I’m afraid that next year will not be so easy.  As this thing snowballs and gains notoriety, the super-talented set will come out of the woodwork and crush us!  But we won’t go down without a fight!  I have some killer ideas for this year’s chair already beginning to sprout…

Here are a few in-progress shots.  This is the the third incarnation of the Oxbow Chair and I think it is just about where I want it.


special thanks to Elements In Motion for an excellent video of the event

Read more at Mod-a-go-go and City Home Collective







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  1. Julie Crews says:

    super. crazy. congrats.

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