The new Arbor Lounge – Same slender profile, more punch

handcraftedThe latest update to the Arbor Lounge was a long time in the making.  There are a few subtle changes to the structure, but similar to the Arbor Sofa, real care went into the design of the upholstery.  I wanted the backrest and seat cushions to follow the form of the chair and not seem awkwardly flat and stuck-on.  I also wanted them to be firm and low-profile. After a long process involving several full-sized drawings,  molded plywood supports and a talented upholsterer, we are finally there.

At home on the coast, in the country or the city. Classic Danish inspiration; rich dark walnut and leather.







The Arbor Lounge starts at $5000, upholstered in a range of fabrics | Starting at $6500 in leather. Contact us for more details





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  1. All I can say is…WOW! That is gorgeous! I hear you about wanting the upholstery to fit the piece. I’m building a Morris chair right now and I see a lot of upholstery that just seems like a cushion stuck in a bag and set on it awkwardly like you describe. Trying to figure something else out.

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