taper-leg-tableThe simple turned legs and gorgeous dark walnut make this taper-leg table look like a million bucks.


The clients wanted to see lots of wood grain, but they also wanted the table to feel airy and light.  They had very specific dimensions based on the dining area of their modern riverside home. We started out with a few sketches and then refined them based on the rough ideas.

The legs were turned up to a point and at the point where the round meets the square I rasped and carved it, so that there was a gradual flare.  The outside corners of all of the legs were then hand-shaped to mimic the rest of the turning.  This small sculptural detail makes the piece.


The top has a steep bevel on the underside which removes some of the visual weight and allows something for people to discover when they sit down to feel that inviting grain!




This taper-leg table took about four days to build and a little more than three days wait for finish to dry between coats. How’s that for turnaround!!!

5 Responses to Custom Work: Taper-Leg Table

  1. Brian Mecham says:

    Beautiful piece. That grain is outstanding. What software do you use to draw up your designs?

  2. Julie Crews says:

    What a delicious table, Clayton. Just beautiful!

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