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Welcome to Maine! We moved from the desert to the ocean, wood shop and all!  Amy grew up in Mid-coast Maine and has always heard voices calling her back to her native land.  We bought a house close to Amy’s parents on the St. George Peninsula.  It is a place south of Thomaston and Rockland where on foggy dark days the air is heavy with myth.

The St. George peninsula gets bigger the longer we live here. When we used to visit six or seven years ago, it seemed like a skinny anonymous splinter jutting out into the sea. A handful of villages, quaint shingled cottages, unfamiliar accents. It turns out that the peninsula is huge. Looking at a map, the land only measures 23 square miles, but the coastline is so jagged that it could be a hundred miles or more if you walked around the outside edge. St. George is also alive with historical significance. In the mornings I run past a graveyard where Soldiers of the American Revolution are buried. Some of America’s best known Artists made their homes nearby.  Living here makes our histories collide and it feels like the peninsula will continue to expand before us into the future.


We have been out walking a dozen or so Sunday afternoons, but there is still a lot to discover.  Maine is beautiful: Ferns. Oaks. Maples. Evergreens. Ponds. Islands. Foxes. Deer. Fish. Lobster. Crab. Moss. Seaweed. Mud. Beaches. Mosquitoes. Beetles. Ticks. Sunrises. Fog. Salty Air. Rain. Wildness. Sunsets. For a really great experience, hike to Roaring Spout at high tide!




In Maine there is both a calmer pace to life and a more desperate fight.

There is much to love.  (Especially Lie Nielsen!!!  Stay Tuned for a Visit to the Lie Nielsen Open House)


More about Maine and St. George as the seasons change…


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4 Responses to Welcome to Maine

  1. Julie Crews says:

    Happy to see more of your adventures. Hi Amy!

  2. Eve says:

    Glad you are enjoying Maine. It’s great to hear a sliver of your adventures!

  3. Jeff Koopus says:

    Nice to meet you at the Maine Boats Show…. Lovely work , hope to meet up again.
    Jeff Koopus

  4. Morgan wheeler says:

    I grew up in Rockland, am now a woodworker in the SF bay area. I’ve never heard my feelings on Maine summed up so well as “In Maine there is both a calmer pace to life and a more desperate fight.” I really love that line!

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